cocktail bar cape town, fable, is everything you’re looking for on a night out. cocktails you’ve never seen before accompany world class djs and lively energy. 

at cocktail bar cape town, fable, our signature drinks are the embodiment of our collection of local fables. developed alongside the fables, each fabled cocktail is a unique creation that went through countless iterations before being perfected. like the fable it is based on, each drink unfolds in four parts over four seasons. with every new iteration comes new flavours and complexity, adding depth to the original and hinting at what’s to come.
the ultimate expression of our vision, our cocktails tell stories.


food and snacks

bourbon old fashioned
grilled cheese

brioche toasted with bitters-infused butter, stuffed with melted white and yellow cheddar. served with a beef and bourbon reduction. we’re salivating too.

cadillac burger

thicc beef patty served on a brioche bun and topped with cheddar, bitters-pickled onions, crunchy pickles and grand marnier aioli.

beyond burger

our beloved cadillac burger’s ethical sibling. sorry cape town girls but, no, it is not gluten free.

parmesan & truffle fries

there’s no judgement here…

chicken wings with sticky sake glaze

many people stand around debating whether sticky wings or crispy wings are better. at fable, we just give you the best of both worlds. sticky, crispy chicken wings with sesame seeds, spring onion and teriyaki. it’s just not kak.

buffalo cauliflower

a healthy vegetable walks into a bar.

brownie & amarula cream

we know you promised yourself you wouldn’t have dessert, but we won’t tell. after all, who can resist a good, warm, chocolate-centred brownie with amarula cream? your mouth is doing that thing again isn’t it? shhhhh…

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cocktail bar cape town, fable, operating hours:

tuesday – thursday: 5pm ’til late
friday & saturday: 4pm ’til late

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corner bree & wale st, cape town, south africa